Namaz Vakitleri Pro - Diyanet App Reviews

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Each Muslim must have it

Woww what a great app for muslims , im using it all the time for my self . You have the periods here for all over the world , all cities are included here with times. I have recommend it to all of my friend to use it , is very simple, so elegant with a great theme. There are many apps like this , but some of them do not show time correctly , so this onenis perfect. Get it now...

Great to have in the palm of my hand!

Wow! Good job putting this together. I can be inspired whenever I need it.


This app is just a good way to find my family when I need to know where they are.


An excellent application for Muslims. Free Islamic prayer time for cities around the world with "Religion" and "Guarantee" prayers. I can reach the prayer time even without opening the app with the lock screen utility. It is also ready to send celebratory messages for the holy day, eids and special days are added. Thanks to the authors who wrote this great app

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